photo: Lindsay Ross


I am Fletcher Tucker, composer/musician, visual artist, writer, producer, and student and practitioner of earth-based skills, crafts, practices and ceremonies. I am the founder/label-head of the nature mysticism oriented Gnome Life Records, and the co-founder of the deep nature connection organization Wildtender. Additionally, I am a member of the teaching faculty at Big Sur’s Esalen Institute and the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center. Wilderness and the wild edges of consciousness are the primary inspiration for my creative and pedagogic work.

I was born in 1983 in the little northern California, coastal, forest town of Pacific Grove. For roughly the last decade I have made my home on the western slopes of the steep mountains of Big Sur, California.

Between 2005 and 2013 I released five full length albums and four EPs under the project-name Bird By Snow. In 2011 I recorded a one-off improvised jaw harp album (Native Tongue) under the name Yurt. My final Bird By Snow album, Offering, was released in 2012/2013 (US/Japan). Since then I have been recording and performing under my given name. In 2017 I released Cold Spring, the first Fletcher Tucker LP, and my most critically acclaimed work to date. 

My recordings, essays, sculptures, and workshops are all made with the intention to facilitate re-connection with universal ancestral states of mind. In other words, to help uncover the atavistic and animistic human animal hidden inside the modern person. By guiding people into intimate relationship with place, I hope to dispel the illusion of separation that seems to exist between the self and the natural world.

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