"Sky" by Bird By Snow • LP • 2007


"Sky" by Bird By Snow • LP • 2007

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This is the 2nd pressing of my 2nd record. These are some of my most dense sound-scapes, a sculptural album that moves in and out of fog and tape hiss. Sometimes tiny and orchestral, sometimes huge and minimalist. Shimmering with strings, and hearty notions. You can hear some attempts to create new genres, like mountain dub and California-soukous. Songs written as poems, in many different places around the world, over a year... and then recorded at home, on tape, all in the order they appear on the LP. The meanings of these songs were a mystery to me, unraveling only as I began to record and perform them.



SIDE A:  1. White Sky 2. Black Elk in the Mountains 3. Plato's Cave 4. (___ __________ ____ ____) 5. The Sound and the River Within the Sound

SIDE B:  1. Sasquatch Says: the Old World Whispers 2. Green I's 3. (_____ _____ ______) 4. I am not the Moon and Neither is the Moon 5. Animals Calling


LP:  This is the 2nd pressing, limited to 500. Black vinyl with color lithograph covers, printed on reverse jackets (completely matte). Comes with Mp3 download and original lovely hand-made booklet too.

CD:  The CD version comes housed in an LP-style, gatefold, matte, all-cardboard jacket. Beautifully printed, great sounding.


"...more real desolate charm than ever before, this is a record of great intrinsic worth, and manages to do something new and consistent within a genre largely held together by image and one-trick skills. Incredible and very worthwhile." - Dusted Magazine

"...creating an ache in the heart, proving once again the emotional quality of this album, brimming with gently persuasive songs that will remain with you long after the needle has lifted." - Terrascope

"Gentle and true pop here, not to be missed, but almost feels like an animal in danger of extinction. Enjoy the blend of banjo, melodica, autoharp before they pave an overpass across it all. Hell, the two truest “songs” on here are actually open-mic hikes. Tromping through the underbrush, the other lyrical flora bloom fine besides them. There’s even some low-voltage electricity accompanying the two man blended band here." - KFJC Los Altos Public Radio